Gelato Mio is not gone - but reinvigorated as Unico Gelato & Caffé, which is being developed as a globally recognised brand. Redirecting in 47 seconds.

Gelato Italian Ice cream London Holland Park Notting Hill ~ Gelato Mio Icecream

After spending 2 long, unsweetened years in London looking for a proper Italian Gelato, Carlo decided it was time to take the matter into his own hands and set off for a journey of culinary rediscovery. Gelato Mio was thus born, its goal to restore the Italian Gelato art to its former glory, reintroducing to the UK long lost delicacies. In an age where everything is “fast” and corners are routinely cut in favour of easier ways of doing things, Gelato Mio decided to stand for natural, uncomplicated recipes and products.

This rediscovery process culminated with the opening of the first Gelato Mio store in Holland Park on the 1st July 2008. On the opening day, a glorious summer day, long lines of smiling customers quickly formed around the block as we gave the capital a taste of Italy. Since that day, we’ve continued growing across London and we have helped an always larger number of satisfied customers to Rediscover Simple Wonders.