Gelato Mio is not gone - but reinvigorated as Unico Gelato & Caffé, which is being developed as a globally recognised brand. Redirecting in 47 seconds.

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Vantage (2012)

Gelato Mio in St John's Wood High Street offeres the best ice cream served in very generous scoops.

Weekend Notes (2012)

It's not often that London gets hit with a heatwave but when it does, there is bound to be a line stretching outside the door of Gelato Mio in St Johns Wood.

The Digital Fix - TMF meets Paloma Faith (2012)

TMF: So if an alien landed in London and asked you to show him around, where's the first place you'd take him?
Paloma: Gelato Mio. It's an ice cream shop, there's one in Holland Park, there's one in Portobello...
TMF: And what flavour ice cream are you going to get?
Paloma: Erm... Pistachio, hazelnut and peanut butter.

The Huffington Post - A scoop of happiness (2012)

The queue snaking out of the door was encouraging, as we got closer to being served we jostled in the heat to spy the rows of gelato, looking luxurious and cool in their icy metal containers. I noticed they had Stracciatella which took me back to a Florentine holiday where I first discovered the vanilla gelato with dark chocolate flakes.

Stylist - Queen of everything: Paloma Faith (2012)

I would move the palace to Holland Park so I could be right next to Gelato Mio which would be really important. It’s an ice-cream parlour that does the most amazing Italian ice cream. - Paloma Faith

Evening Standard - Where to head for a taste of authentic Italia (2012)

Gelato Mio’s uncomplicated recipes have ensured that in the four years since the gelateria started churning in Holland Park, an incredible seven more shops have spawned... try an indulgent ‘goblet’

Time Out - Best Ice Cream In London (2011)

With queues often stretching down Holland Park Avenue. Cheery staff in bright orange T-shirts dish up generous portions of gelato in a score of traditional flavours (think pistachio made from nuts dried in the Sicilian sunshine), along with sorbets, sundaes and shakes. On our visit, we sampled a terrific amareno (delicately creamy fior di latte with chunks of marinated dark cherries); classic stracciatella (the same subtle base, but this time swirled with shards of chocolate), and an intensely dark and cocoa-spiked cioccolato.

Financial Times - The Taste Test: Frozen Yoghurt (2011)

We delved below the exotic toppings to assess the frozen yoghurt itself... In third place came the frozen yoghurt from Gelato Mio... Refreshing, delicious... Good dairy flavour.

Foodepedia (2010)

A range of some 20 ice creams and sorbets, including a divinely smooth and full flavoured vanilla, a wonderfully fruity strawberry, rich tasting pistachio, a lovely hazelnut/chocolate (Bacio), a rich coffee that tasted like creamy freshly brewed ground coffee, an amazingly strong and rich chocolate and more.

Time Out - Eating & Drinking Guide (2009)

Among the dozen-or-so sorbets are flavours such as pear and papaya. We liked the classic chocolate and pistachio ice-creams.

The Independent - Review (2009)

Gelato Mio, the ice-cream shop that opened last year in Holland Park, West London, is already thriving.

Time Out - Review (2008)

This ice cream place is customer-friendly in every sense... The sorbets have proved a hit among customers... Slick staff emanating Italian bonhomie.

Groove - Review (2008)

With handmade creamy goodness for both the sweet-toothed and those who like their scoops a little more tart, Carlo Del Mistro’s gelateria is the perfect antidote to any (here’s hoping) heatwave.